Monday, 22 December 2008

Good morning lovely people who read this.
I've been a lax poster for some time, will try and do better I promise.

Things are progressing along nicely with baby, my blood seems to be behaving itself and the scan's have been good for the last month. Hard to believe I have over 2lb's of baby sat in me.

Things for me have been a bit less smooth, I was in hospital all last weekend with pancreatitis caused by gall stones, apparently I have a load of them and will have to have my gall bladder removed after baby gets here, it was all looking a bit dicey there for a while that they'd need to do surgery whilst I'm pregnant, not a good plan especially with taking the blood thinning injections. Thankfully my insides have settled down so now I'm on a lowfat/nofat diet so as not to disrupt my gallbladder again. The great side effect of this is that I've already lost a stone in weight in just one week - who knew this dieting lark actually worked!!

Will post some new tummy pics soon