Thursday, 25 September 2008

ok, I'll explain about the razor

You see since being pregnant I've been lucky to not feel sick at all with any food but if my hair gets into my mouth I start to gag.
So.... I was in the shower this morning and yuk - hair in my mouth - so I attacked it with the razor (was shaving legs at the time) and cut off the offending clump of hair, then had to try and even things up, it finished up looking to be honest *bloody awful* so I went to the hairdresser for a repair job, the new do is the result;)

14 weeks 1 day

Here's todays new piccy, and my new hairdo..... after an incident with a razor in the shower..........

also scan piccys from Monday

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

13 weeks

It's weird, I thought once I hit the magic 12 week mark I'd feel better and more positive, instead I think over the last week the opposite has been true and I've had so many negative thoughts about this pregnancy lasting till the end it's untrue.
Every week at the moment seems to be a countdown to the 22 week mark when I went into labour with the twins, I'm hoping once I get past that point I might relax a bit.
Saying that today has been a better day, probably because for the last two days I've had nasty boob pain which makes me realise stuff is still going on in there and therefore less worried. How's that for warped - I hurt so I'm happier!

Now don't get me wrong I am happy to be pregnant and thankful for every day that I am.

Here is todays tummy picture at 13 weeks, I look down and can see a definite difference in the shape of my tummy, the top part is much more rounded, and by the evening especially it's quite pronounced as a baby belly.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Woohoo for 12 weeks!

12 weeks today so here's a new picture, I can see my tummy popping out a bit now sortof above the main fat bit (beautifully put don't you think)
The dog had to get in on todays picture

Friday, 5 September 2008

11w2d scan

I had my scan this morning, all is looking good, plumton ('cos it's the size of a plum) has grown so much in 2 weeks from 21mm to 51mm, no wonder I've been so hungry, and is now measuring 2 days ahead instead of 2 days behind.
All looking good, good heartrate although the tech didn't tell me what it was, and baby was waving away at us.

My 20 week scan is booked for 6th November. Yay!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Time is ticking on

Well here we are at 10w6d today, time is going on nicely and I feel really well.

The injections are being a bit more painful than they were but nothing to bad, I think it's just where the dose has gone up from 40mg to 60mg, more gloop going into me = more ouch!

Now I swear I have a little baby bump, although this weeks picture doesn't show it so well, but it's there, and I just can't lie on my tummy in bed any more it's much to uncomfortable boobs and belly wise which is such a shame as I find it hard to sleep in another position, I guess I'll find it hard to sleep with a crying baby to tho, so all good practice.

I must chase the hospital for my 12 week scan appointment for next week and I also have another blood appointment for next friday.

Here's my pic taken yesterday at 10w 5 d, please mind the odd facial expression.......